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Keeping your Staff, Students and School safe online

Safe on Social Media Training and Education


Comprehensive Online Training Program

Online Safety Education Program

Navigating the online world can be a challenge for many kids so we have created a brand new comprehensive online program to help make online safety education accessible, easy to understand and teach. 


Including ready-to-use learning materials and lesson plans, video content and an expansive resource library, your School will be able to integrate online safety into every classroom without having to do any of the heavy lifting

Safe on Social Media Training and Education
Safe on Social Media Training and Education
K-12 Student Presentations

Offered face-to-face or via Zoom, student sessions cover the most popular social media apps and trends in your school; what they are, how they work, security, and privacy tips for safe use.

Tailored to the age of your students and needs of your school, presentations are a great way to engage your students in online safety education and provide them with strategies to create more positive online behaviours and experiences.
Professional Learning

Available in 90mins sessions via both Zoom and face-to-face, Teacher Training arms your staff with the necessary tools to navigate the many aspects of social media and the online world.

Sessions cover topics such as Current threats online, Duty of Care, How to teach Cyber Safety in an effective and engaging way, Cyberbullying, Sextorion, Correct Evidence Gathering and all the popular social media platforms.
Safe on Social Media Training and Education
Safe on Social Media Training and Education
Parent Information Sessions


It’s important that the online safety messages continue outside of the school gates, so educating your community of parents and carers is vital.

Discussing the most current and up-to-date online safety topics, parents and carers will leave feeling educated and empowered, with a lot of practical information that they can immediately apply to their daily lives.


The Q&A time at the end really providing them an opportunity to personalise the evening and gain beneficial information to suit their individual needs.

One-On-One Professional Learning

We understand that many educators prefer an individualised approach to learning. This is why we are now offering 60 minute one-on-one professional learning sessions for teachers.

Working within core subject areas, teachers have the opportunity to work closely with a Safe on SocialTM advisor, placing particular focus on areas of interest and tailor the sessions to suit their individual needs.

Safe on Social Media Training and Education
Safe on Social Media Training and Education

Do you have a class clown in your classroom? Or maybe the next Meryl Streep? 

Maybe you know a group of young people with a knack for acting, storytelling, dancing, singing, comedy, or perhaps just in need of a chance to get on stage and shine? 

Well we have the solution: Theatresports!

Facilitated by Madeleine West (yes, you read that correct!) Theatresports is fast, furious and very cheeky; the lovechild of stand-up comedy, live theatre and competitive team sports.  


A chaotic, crazy collection of improvised comedic theatre games are performed by opposing teams, based on audience suggestions, and rated by our panel of expert judges (teachers, students, and anyone brave enough to risk splitting their sides with laughter). Whichever team causes the most funnies with their improvised shenanigans, wins!  


Aside from promoting comedic timing, improvisation and general performance skills, Theatresports is designed to boost not just confidence but mental health and wellbeing too through teamwork, learning how to operate under pressure and how to think on your feet. And it’s all taught and delivered by one of Australia's most accomplished, loved and diverse actresses.

It's the perfect course for all young people and one your school does not want to miss out on! 

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