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Melanie Hughes

Specialist Facilitator Cyber Safety

With over 25 years of teaching experience, Melanie brings with her has a wealth of knowledge and real-life wisdom after having spent the last 15 years at Bangalow Public School. Melanie has firsthand experience of the importance of online safety and the impact incorrect use of social media can have on children.  
Having a daughter of her own exploring the social realms at a similar age, Melanie was thrust into the challenges children and young adults face on a daily basis, arming her with a plethora of strategies and coping mechanisms to bring to her students. 
Her propensity to help people, combined with her encounters witnessing the pitfalls of social media platforms and their effect on children, allow her to create a safe space where her students could be adequately be guided and supported through these ever-changing environments. 
Melanie believes in the importance of children having a voice, and this inspired her to fall into the role of the schools debating coach in her free time. Her training and wisdom led her Bangalow Public School team to be crowned the 2021 State Champions in the Premier's Debating Challenge, a massive achievement for a small, rural school.
You’ll also find her in and around the local area, volunteering at many local organisations and giving a helping hand whenever she can. Never without a huge smile on her face, she’s a highly valued member of the community and is excited to embrace her role at Safe on Social.
Knowledge is the key to protecting our children in this increasingly complex cyber world and Melanie is passionate about empowering today's youth with the tools to successfully and safely find their way through its intricacies.

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