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An evolution in international cyber safety education, influenced by young minds for young minds. In 2020 we appointed our first team of Youth Advisors. Our current "Youth Voice" are aged 12 to 19 years and have been involved in every aspect of this pioneering initiative. We recognized the crucial need for youth to shape how they learn and educate about cyber safety - and we've empowered them to do just that.

Our year-round, curriculum-integrated, and comprehensive online and face-to-face learning programs are the definitive source of contemporary resources across a broad spectrum of cyber safety topics. We're committed to supporting you in maintaining a safe online environment for your students, their parents, carers, your staff, and the wider school community. We are an unbiased private company not backed by a product vendor or sponsored in any way. 

We believe in a holistic approach to cyber safety education, and our online program isn't just a standalone product.

Evidence supports that when integrated with our face-to-face sessions, schools can foster engaging discussions about online safety year-round, significantly bolstered by the tools and monthly updated information we provide. The result? A tangible shift towards cultivating a safer online community within your school. 


We now offer this dynamic combination of online and face-to-face programs as part of specially curated packages for schools in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Safe on Social's Schools Program ensures that your staff and students have access to top-tier, ongoing programs designed with the most up-to-date, impactful cyber safety education at their core. Embrace the future of online safety with Safe on Social - created by the youth for the youth.

More about our online learning resources that are included in some packages:


 Accessed via an easy-to-use and navigate dashboard, the Safe On Social School Online Program features a vast array of   resources:


  • Practical and up-to-date teacher and student training modules are accessed via our online learning management system. 

  • Designed to educate students from ages 7-18yrs

  • Lessons plans and worksheets are included.

  • Audio, Video, and text-based resources.

  • Teacher training for ongoing professional learning 

  • Free access to quarterly masterclass webinars for all staff
    24/7 support via email to our team of leading online safety experts.

  • Cheatsheet and resource library.

  • Special offers from our partners.

Topics include:

  • What you signed up for – we explain the terms and conditions of use and what they mean.
    How to keep your personal information as private as possible and why this is important (and way bigger than you think).

  • AI Text and Image Generators - The positives and negatives, safety, privacy, and security practices to consider. 

  • Sexting, Sextortion, and image-based abuse and the law.

  • Respectful online relationships and consent.

  • Cyberbullying, online hate and harassment, and abuse, how to report it, and how to manage the emotional impact.

  • Scams, Deepfakes, fake news, and misinformation.

  • Group Chats and strategies to manage them better.

  • Identity theft and Cyber Security basics.

  • Legal responsibilities.

  • Online gaming opportunities and safety.

  • Managing negative online experiences.

  • How to create a favorable online profile.
    And much more...New topics are added monthly or when required.

All our training is developed using real-world experience and data from working face to face with people aged 5 - 70+ years over the last 14+ years and our Youth Voice teams lived experience.


What are the key benefits of online safety training with the Safe On Social School Program?

Keep your students safe.

From cyberbullying to image abuse, Snapchat to online gaming (and everything in between), we will help you to equip students and yourselves with the necessary skills to navigate social apps and platforms for a more positive experience. We also teach them what to do when things go wrong and how to keep themselves safe. 


Empower your educators

Arm teachers with the most current and critical online safety tools, knowledge, and resources so they can act, report, and support. We will keep your team one step ahead. 

Educate and inform your community of parents & carers
Create a consistent online safety message beyond the school gate by sharing the information and tools parents need to continue the conversation at home.

Let’s work together for a more positive online experience, email for more information today. 

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