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Businesses of all sizes have one thing in common. They are at the mercy of human behaviour.

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A few simple posts on a social media app can have a devastating impact on business reputation, Cybersecurity, revenue and future recruitment efforts. If we have learnt anything from high profile reputation management issues, it is what happens when the human ego, and the lack of social media risk management, collide. Without focused and up-to-date social media risk management and social media use policy training being provided to your staff, your policy is a toothless tiger.


Reputation Is Everything

Maintaining a positive reputation is crucial for any business, and Safe on Social provides ongoing training for all aspects of your business to help understand and manage the way social media is used, whether you are a sole trader or have thousands of employees.


We are here to protect your business reputation by providing up-to-date training and education for your management team and employees to understand cyber threats, the intersection of cyber security, social media best practice, law changes, new apps, and more. This learning is continually updated to provide your whole team with the tools to make a positive impact on their families and the wider community.


The Safe on Social Business Education Program focuses on the wellness of your staff while also mitigating potential risks from the way they interact with social media.

Cyber Safety and social media use risk Management - Made Simple

Safe on Social’s new Online Learning Program for Business is an industry leading  initiative to help protect and businesses.

A first of its kind, this program gives business owners and their employees the training and tools they need to safely use social media in (and out) of the workplace. We will equip your entire business workforce and beyond with the skills needed to navigate the digital world and social media landscape safely and effectively.


Our approach is friendly and focused on providing practical solutions.


What’s Included:


Social media use policy and guidelines are essential as they provide a framework that will help protect your reputation and the welfare of staff and stakeholders.


Legislation governing the impact of social media posts changes frequently. Your policy should be regularly reviewed and updated to include any changes and ensure compliance across your business. For their protection, and for your brand

protection, all staff must be educated about the policy and what it means to be compliant.


Our training offers your business:

  • Education on critical social media risks, social engineering behaviour as well as new apps, platforms and legal changes that could impact your business.

  • The program is designed to align with the principles of ISO45003, which focuses on managing psychological risks in the workplace.

  • Support in creating new, effective and easy to manage employee safe and acceptable use of social media policy.

  • Assistance with implementation of social media best practice and standards in their workplace.

  • Knowledge about where to get further support and report online abuse or harassment.

  • A simple and effective program, designed for busy business owners needing to stay one step ahead and to keep their employees and business reputation safe.

  • Year-round training for your employees and their families

  • 12+ easy-to-understand Video Modules on topics such as:

    • Cyber Security and Social Media Best Practices

    • Major apps and privacy settings

    • Business information security at the intersection of social media

    • Social Engineering

    • Australian Law and where to report what

  • Resource Library & Policy templates with new content added each month

  • Easy-to-access dashboard

  • 24/7 email assistance from our team of cyber safety experts

  • And more………..


How Much Does It Cost?

Prices are based on the size of your business.  Reach out to our team today for a custom quote for your business.

Have Questions?

If you have questions or would like to request more information please reach out to

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