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Kirra Pendergast 

CEO and Principal Consultant Safe on Social Group

Kirra Pendergast is the Founder and CEO of the Safe on Social group of companies with offices in Sydney, Brisbane, London, and New York. She is Australian and works internationally. Under Kirra's forward-thinking leadership, Safe on Social has become the leading global privately-owned online trust and safety education and consulting provider.

A sought-after keynote speaker, advisor, mentor, thought leader, and respected international media commentator Kirra has worked at the cutting edge of technology since 1991, before the internet became readily available in Australia.  Her vast experience in all aspects of IT, Business Consulting, and Cybersecurity grants her a unique viewpoint on how humans work with technology lending a depth of understanding of the technology landscape that few in the Cybersafety education and online trust and safety sector can claim.

Her career trajectory dramatically turned in late 2013 when she became the target of a relentless online bullying and hate campaign for over two years. Instead of succumbing to it, she harnessed this experience, and is known for publicly expressing gratitude to her tormentor as the experience she calls her "superpower"  profoundly influences her work. This personal lived experience is the driving force behind all of the programs and consulting offered by Safe on Social. You can read about her personal experience here

Kirra's significant contributions span vast areas of cybersecurity, online trust and safety. She has played a key role in large-scale whole of government Identity and Access Management projects, the development of Counter-Terrorism Strategy and has served on committees of cybersecurity experts that were instrumental in shaping the infancy of the cybersecurity industry in the mid '90s. Furthermore, she has presented evidence at Parliamentary Inquiries and offered strategic advice to entities ranging from large government bodies and Fortune 500 corporations to small businesses with fewer than five employees.


These extensive experiences not only cement her position as an authority in her field, but they also have positioned Safe on Social as the expert partner for organizations seeking the most thorough online trust and safety education and consulting services.

Kirra is known for her frank, no-fearmongering approach and is admired for combining her lived experience with her empathetic, practical approach, enabling individuals to gain knowledge and skills on how to consume technology rather than letting technology consume them.

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