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Kirra Pendergast 

Founder & CEO

Kirra Pendergast is the Founder and CEO of the Safe on Social group of companies.  She has worked at the cutting edge of Information Technology and Information (Cyber) Security since 1991.

Safe on Social is now the largest, most trusted, and in-demand cyber safety education and training group of companies globally.


Kirra splits her time between the Asia Pacific Headquarters in Byron Bay, Australia, and Safe on Social's UK and European Headquarters in London, England, and Florence, Italy.


Kirra is a global thought leader, providing organisations of all sizes with Cyber Safety and Social Media risk management awareness training on an international scale. A dynamic and engaging public speaker, and international media commentator on cybersafety, cyberbullying, and social media risk management, she has written for too many media organisations to list and has appeared on major international news channels. She is a regular guest on podcasts across the world.

Known for her frank no fear-mongering approach, Kirra empowers people with knowledge, equipping them with the skills to consume technology in a way that positively enhances their lives rather than have their lives consumed by technology.

Kirra has dedicated the last 14 years of her career to working at the coalface of cybersafety by educating people as young 5yrs old through to seniors over 70yrs old. She understands every aspect of the sector.


However, Kirra’s lived experience sets her and Safe on Social apart. She experienced the nightmare of being the target of a vicious cyberbullying and online hate campaign orchestrated by someone she trusted in early 2014. This experience continues to influence her work. She often refers to her experience with cyberbullying now as her "superpower ." It is the reason she founded Safe on Social. This experience, combined with her extensive cyber security experience advising governments and organisations of all sizes for 18yrs prior, powers the training programs provided by Safe on Social.

"I created Safe on Social to be different from other cyber safety education companies. I will continue to disrupt how things are done because, to date, things have been getting worse, not better. Governments are failing to keep people safe online offering band-aid solutions and vacuous political promises, so we must teach people how to help themselves, their children, and their businesses safe on social media.


I have deep technical experience in cyber security and cyber safety combined with lived experience of being cyberbullied. I am not a self-trained ex-Teacher, ex-Police Officer, or similar. I am a highly technically trained businesswoman who has directed large teams of technical professionals for some of the world's largest IT and Business Consulting Companies. During my 31yr career, I have worked on cutting-edge, technically complex, world firsts like multi-million dollar whole of government Identity and access management projects through writing social media policy for a café with 12 staff.


I also listen to people of all ages. I hear them. I give them a safe space to share their stories and guide them on what to do when things go wrong on social media. I have helped businesses be proactive rather than reactive regarding social media risk mitigation. I have worked end to end in every aspect of this sector and through a global lens for 14yrs now."

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