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Transform Online Engagement into a Safe, Growth-Centric Journey with eReady Kids

Dive into the eReady Kids ecosystem, a pioneering initiative presented by industry innovators Safe on Social. eReady Kids is crafted to empower not only the young (under 12 years) but also the mentors guiding their journey.

Whether you're a parent safeguarding your child's first digital footsteps or an educator shaping the future of online etiquette, eReady Kids delivers a robust program for navigating the complexities of the online world.

Comprehensive Benefits for Families and Schools

Interactive Self-Assessment Tools
​Empower students and parents to gauge their readiness to confidently tackle the online environment.

Customized Device Action Plans
Forge personalized roadmaps to ensure each child is well-prepared for their inaugural tech experiences.

15 Engaging Educational Modules: Deep-dive into essential themes that include:

  • Media Literacy and Misinformation

  • Online Safety and Security - Tech Terms, Malware, Phishing, Scams and how they happen

  • What to do if you see Inappropriate Content

  • Synthetic friendships and GenAI

  • Dream Big! Why You Should Never Have Your Device In Your Bedroom

  • Creating a positive online presence

  • Understanding FOMO, FONS & JOMO  - What Are They in relation to device and social media use

  • Sleep - The Ultimate Power Up why it is important to keep your device out of your bedroom

  • The environmental impact of your tech use

Designed as  a 'choose your own adventure' style learning path, crafted to resonate with and captivate young minds leaving behind the “don’t” and the fear-mongering that often comes with online safety education.

Upon mastering the eReady Kids modules, a child is not simply handed the key to the digital gate but rather earns it, armored with a holistic knowledge.

More than 1500 Parents and educators applaud the program's effectiveness in steering children through digital pitfalls and transforming them into prudent, tech-savvy users.

Schools commend how the eReady Kids curriculum seamlessly integrates with existing syllabi, augmenting students' online wisdom while fortifying school-wide cyber health.

Families celebrate the transformation from anxiety to assurance, harnessing strategic insights to craft a fortified online presence for their children.

Begin your partnership with eReady Kids, now available for school licensing and family purchase.

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eReady Kids

For Schools & Community Organisations 

$397 +gst

whole school license for 12 months

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eReady Kids

Business - For Parent Workplace acces

$1297 +gst 
per company for 12 months 

*Please note all prices show at checkout include GST and are for 12 months program access

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