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eReady Kids Program
For Business

A ground-breaking online readiness for parents and their kids.

AU $1297 +gst 
per company for 12 months

This program is your steadfast ally in guiding your child's online experience.


It's tailored not just to teach your child about the online world, but also to help you support them, especially when they encounter challenging content. It helps them learn to go beyond the usual 'everyone else has it' reasoning.


We encourage a thoughtful approach, where children learn to justify why they should use platforms like TikTok or Snapchat before they get access by understanding the potential risks and how to deal with them. This process helps your child earn their online access, ensuring they're not just using these devices and platforms, but are also equipped to handle online challenges responsibly.


With this program, we support parents in fostering online awareness and responsibility in their children.


eReady Kids is a powerful campaign for online readiness completed offline (well mostly....except for quizzes to get their certificates) to convert these worries into actionable strategies. Together you and your child work together for just a few minutes here and there in your own time to ensure their digital readiness. ​


The eReady Kids Program by Safe on Social - empathy meets empowerment in our unique approach to online safety. ​


The eReady Kids Program includes:

Child & Parental Self-Assessment Tools to help objectively assess if your child is truly ready for their first device.

Device Action Plans and Supporting Learning Tools and activities to provide tailored guidance to support your child so they can become device-ready and online confident.

12 In-depth Modules for kids and parents covering topics such as:


  • What I might see and how that might make me feel

  • Online Kindness and Positive

  • Online Presence Support Tactics for Cyberbullying

  • Navigating Group Chats Screen Time, Why Sleep is a superpower

  • How to self-regulate device use

  • Why boundaries are important

  • Understanding Online Consent

  • Grooming Tactics, Sextortion and Synthetic relationships (age-appropriate)

  • Online media and Misinformation what is real and what not

  • Demystifying the Cloud, Two Factor Authentication, VPNs, and Tech Terms in an age friendly way

And much much more…………………

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