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Selfie Esteem
Finding Your Online Confidence
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Guided by Madeleine West


A transformative journey for girls to navigate and embrace their true selves in the social media and online world.  Facilitated by Madeleine West, Selfie Esteem takes girls on a deep-dive into understanding the 'self' beyond social media filters.


With her career spanning from acting on stage and screen to being a loving mother of six, Madeleine uses her vast experiences to connect with girls on their level. Her ability to meld her professional insights with personal wisdom uniquely equips her to engage young women in overcoming online challenges through activities and discussions.


Self-Esteem and Confidence

Madeleine teaches girls to believe in their abilities and worth, encouraging them to share their achievements and positive experiences on social media platforms, celebrating their individuality and unique talents.


Positive Body Image

Facts behind the filters In the context of social media, she emphasises the importance of not comparing oneself to highly-curated, often unrealistic images online. She stresses the significance of health over appearance and promotes the idea of "body positivity" on social media.


Resilience and Coping Skills

Madeleine helps girls develop skills to handle online stress and adversity, such as dealing with cyberbullying or negative comments, teaching them how to disengage and practise self-care.


Healthy, Respectful Relationships

She instructs about maintaining healthy online friendships and relationships, setting boundaries, and respecting the boundaries of others, especially in social media contexts. This discussion includes sexting, sextortion and toxic relationships (age appropriate).


Emotional Intelligence and Online Empathy

Madeleine helps girls understand the effects of their online communication on others' feelings and teaches them how to empathise with others online.


Leadership Skills

She encourages girls to take leadership roles online, such as starting a club at school or becoming an influencer in a field they are passionate about, like environmental issues or social justice.


Critical Thinking and Media Literacy

She teaches girls how to critically analyse messages they receive on social media, question stereotypes, and understand the potential lasting effects of their digital footprints.


Career Guidance and Empowerment

Madeleine provides guidance on how girls can use social media to explore careers, learn about fields underrepresented by women, and connect with mentors in those fields.


Personal Safety and Online Safety

She educates them about privacy settings, thoughtful sharing, and how to stay safe while interacting on social media platforms.


Community Engagement and Social Responsibility

Madeleine instils a sense of social responsibility, showing how social media can be a powerful tool for community engagement, civic action, and raising awareness about social issues.


Activities are woven throughout the session and cheat sheet resources provided.

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