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Selfie Esteem
Finding Your Online Confidence
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Guided by Madeleine West


A transformative journey for girls to navigate and embrace their true selves in the social media and online world.  Facilitated by Madeleine West, Selfie Esteem takes girls and those that identify as female on a deep-dive into understanding the 'self' beyond social media filters.


With her career spanning from acting on stage and screen to being a loving mother of six, Madeleine uses her vast experiences to connect with girls on their level. Her ability to meld her professional insights with personal wisdom uniquely equips her to engage young women in overcoming online challenges through activities and discussions.


What is covered in the 2hr program?

Building Selfie-Esteem and Confidence

Participants embark on a journey of self-discovery. Madeleine focuses on boosting self-esteem and fostering confidence in both personal and online spaces. 

Healthy Relationships with the Online World

Participants are equipped with strategies to foster positive and meaningful interactions in the online landscape, ensuring their online experiences are enriching and safe.

Resilience and How to Handle Online Stress

Madeleine and the participants explore coping mechanisms for managing online stress and cyberbullying, fostering a mindset that can withstand the pressures and complexities of the online world. Girls learn to navigate online adversities with strength and composure.

Boundaries, Consent, and Selfie Love

 Participants are taught to assert their boundaries confidently and respect those of others. The module reinforces the idea of self-love, encouraging girls to value themselves beyond the digital persona they create.

Empowerment Now and Into Your Future

Empowerment is key to thriving in any environment. This module inspires participants to embrace their power and autonomy. Madeleine  discusses how to leverage personal strengths for future aspirations, encouraging proactive steps towards achieving goals and dreams, both online and off.

Being Your Best Online and In Real Life (IRL)

In this interactive session, we bridge the gap between online personas and real-life identities. Girls are guided to present their authentic selves in both realms, emphasising consistency in values, ethics, and behaviour. 

Emotional Intelligence and Online Leadership Skills 

Madeleine  covers aspects like trust-building, vulnerability, accountability, and assertiveness. Girls learn to lead with empathy and integrity online, setting a positive example for their peers.


Activities are woven throughout the session and cheat sheet resources provided.

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