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Bytes Of Passage

An Online Life Guide From Boyhood To Manhood


Empower young men to navigate their online life with confidence and transform online challenges into opportunities for growth and success


In a world where online interaction shapes identities and futures, Bytes of Passage is at the forefront of guiding young men on the path to digital wisdom and resilience. Our 90-minute face-to-face program is crafted to address the critical, often challenging, facets of the online landscape that impacts young men’s lives. What is covered:

  • Forge Healthy, Respectful Relationships

  • Understand the significance of consent, both online and offline. Learn the intricacies of maintaining dignity, respect and the law in an era of online communication.

  • Navigate Complexities with Clarity

  • Grasp the realities of image-based abuse, sexting, and the perils of sextortion. We equip young men with the knowledge to protect themselves and others.

  • Tackle Substance Abuse and Social Media Risks

  • Decode liaisons between substance abuse and social media influence and associated laws. Combat underage drinking and vaping with informed decisions.

  • Stand Strong Against Online Adversities

  • Discover effective strategies to counter cyberbullying and online hate. Gain the confidence to speak up without fear and the courage to seek help when needed.

  • Build a Positive Digital Persona

  • Learn how to curate a positive online presence that paves the way for future success. Use social media to amplify good and define a purpose-driven online identity.

  • Seek Out Positive Influences

  • Identify and emulate positive online role models. Receive tailored advice on carving out future career paths that resonate with your passions and skills.



To book this exclusive session at your school please reach out to our team below.

Sport and Business 

To have Simon host ‘Bytes of Passage’ at your sporting or business organisations for staff wellbeing please reach out to our team below.

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