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Simon Richardson

Specialist Facilitator Cyber Safety

Simon Richardson has lived the pleasures, perils and pitfalls of social media for years. As a high school teacher he was all too familiar with the impacts unhealthy social media exposure had on his students.


As a nine year Mayor of Byron Shire, a hotspot of virulent and strident political opinion and activism, Simon experienced extreme levels of cyber bullying and social media engagement.


Now he also faces the very real task of raising teen and tween daughters solo and helping them navigate the online world- perhaps his most challenging task.

Simon’s engaging and accessible public speaking experience has spanned from the cut and thrust of the high school classroom to the the Paris Climate Change  conference and numerous key note, conference hosting and state and national media interviews.

As a lover of art, sport, Netflix and Vinyl, Simon’s broad interests allows him to connect with people on their terms, in their way and through their worlds.

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