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Face To Face and Zoom Presentations

Safe on Social prioritizes cyber safety outcomes by providing unbiased expert speakers and online learning

Our research indicates that these methods significantly impact keeping people safe online when used together. We offer a variety of tailored packages to meet the needs of schools, sports clubs, organizations, and businesses globally.


From large group presentations to individualized coaching, our packages are designed to help students, parents, educators, sports clubs, and businesses make better choices regarding online safety. 


We teach you "what you need to know now" to navigate the online world with human well-being front and center. Our diverse team of presenters comes from a range of expert backgrounds. We work with your organization to cover the most critical and current topics in a relatable and non-fear-mongering manner.

We are a privately owned and operated group of companies, and therefore we can offer unbiased advice based on over 30 yrs of industry experience. Read more about our team of presenters here.


Some of the topics we cover are:


  • The impact of social media on mental health and wellbeing

  • AI Text and Images Generators and cyber safety 

  • Digital identity and reputation management

  • Fake news and misinformation online

  • Safe online gaming and eSports

  • Cybersecurity and online fraud prevention

  • The role of artificial intelligence in online privacy and security

  • Safe and responsible use of emerging technologies, such as virtual and augmented reality

  • The importance of Social media policies and guidelines for businesses and organisations

  • Online ethics

  • Online safety and privacy for children and teens

  • Legal responsibilities

  • Group chat management

  • Respectful online relationships

  • Managing cyberbullying and online hate and support for victims

  • How to create a positive online presence

  • Image-based abuse and online sexual harassment

  • Online safety in the workplace, including remote work and bring your own device (BYOD) policies

  • Cyberstalking and online harassment prevention

  • Strategies for managing screen time and digital addiction

  • Data privacy and protection, including the role of cookies and targeted advertising

  • Best practices for password security and two-factor authentication

  • Safe online dating and avoiding romance scams

  • The impact of social media algorithms on personalisation and filter bubbles

  • Ethical considerations in social media marketing and influencer culture

  • Online activism and digital citizenship in the age of social media

  • Vaping and social media 


We design our Safe on Social presentations to be inclusive, empowering, and informative, leaving audiences feeling confident and capable of making better choices for positive online experiences. Sessions run for approximately 50-90 minutes with time for Q&A and are available via Zoom or face-to-face. For educators or business owners seeking individualised learning, we also offer one-on-one professional learning sessions tailored to suit your needs within core subject areas.

The Safe On Social Point Of Difference

Cyber safety ongoing issues that need to be addressed and woven into the workplace conversation year-round.


The resources within the program include up-to-date content created specifically based businesses.



Tailored packages for Small, Medium and Large organisations, addressing issues specific to your business’ size and structure.




Materials are updated regularly as laws change or situations arise.
Alerts on critical issues are sent directly to businesses.

Expert Support & Knowledge

Direct email support from our team of experts to respond to situations
that arise in your workplace quickly and confidentially.
Security and confidence in knowing you have a team of experts to lean on.


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