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Safe on Social Online Learning Program Preview
Curious to learn more about our leading online safety program?

Take a look inside the Online Learning Program below.
Safe on Social
Changing the game in cyber safety education


Drawing on our years of real world experience and data from working face-to-face with people ranging in age from 5 - 70+yrs over the last 14+ years,  our team of experts understand how quickly the online world moves.


Now more than ever, it’s essential to stay on top of - and ahead of -trends, new apps, software launches and digital technology. Safe on Social Media is a leader in online safety expertise for educators, breaking news of the latest technologies and risks for your students and schools.


Our game-changing and market-leading content is the most current information available from our on-the-ground team of experts and industry-first, Youth Advisory Council.


From cyberbullying to image-abuse, SnapChat to online gaming (and everything in between), we will help you to equip students and yourselves with the necessary skills to navigate social apps and platforms for a more positive experience.

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Resource Preview

Here you’ll find a sample of resources offered inside the program designed for teachers and students.


Teacher Resources

Through our multi-faceted array of resources housed within our online portal, we aim to arm teachers with the most current and critical online safety tools, knowledge and resources so they can act, report and support.

The program offers teachers and all school staff comprehensive video training on essential online safety topics and an exclusive podcast series designed for busy schedules.


Teacher Cheat Sheet Library

Designed for quick, on-the-go learning or when you need to access information fast, Our resource library is stocked with 90+ teacher cheat sheets giving you critical information right at your fingertips. Topic examples include:

  • Child Exploitation Material & Evidence

  • Cyberbullying - How To Report

  • Domestic Violence

  • Grief Etiquette

  • Instagram

  • Location Services

  • Online Gaming

  • Photos & Videos At School

  • Sexting & Tweens

  • Sextortion & Dangers Of Direct Message

  • Snapchat Top Safety Tips

  • Taking Control of Roblox

  • TikTok

  • What To Do If Your Student Is An Online Bully

And much more!

eSafetyHQ Safe on Social Media Training and Education
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Student Training Resources
Aligned To Curriculum

The Online Learning School Program is designed to empower educators and connect students with the most current, engaging online safety content available.


Through videos, lesson plans, activities and age-appropriate resources, our program provides simple and effective tools to teach, discuss and bring online safety to the forefront of classroom conversations.

Covering multiple key learning areas in the curriculum, the teaching content provides explicit instruction aligned with best practice pedagogy.

Curriculum areas covered include Health and Physical education, digital technologies and varied general capabilities. The lesson plans contain learning intentions and success criteria with assessment tasks and use thinking tools that allow student collaboration and peer feedback.

Student Lesson Plan Example

Student Activity Example

Student Cheat Sheet Example

Student Worksheet Example

Student Quiz Example

*Please note the information previewed on this webpage sampled here are for viewing purposes only and may not be used, published or redistributed.

Student Training Videos

Student training videos on key online safety topics are included as part of the program for both Primary and High School students.


Videos are age appropriate and targeted for fast, relatable content. Complimented by our supporting resources, each topic is designed to capture students' attention and spark classroom and peer discussion.

Teacher Training Videos

Our short, bite-sized training videos for Teachers are designed to cover critical topics for staff in a way that is easy to view, understand and teach. Through videos and audio lessons,  this training is relevant to staff of all ages and teaching backgrounds to ensure confidence and clarity around online safety.

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Safe On Social School Program Podcast Series

Our podcast series, hosted by CEO of Safe On Social, Kirra Pendergast, is designed to teach staff everything they need to know about online safety and using social media in a more positive way - on the go!


Listen to a sample from one of our recent episodes on TikTok

Newsletter Content

Included in your online subscription is access to monthly ‘done for you’ content to include in your school newsletter. 


Save time and access current, helpful and pre-written content about trending social media news.

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Safe on Social Online Learning Program Online Portal


Take a quick behind-the-scenes tour of our easy to use online portal.


Designed to house all necessary training in one easily accessible platform that teachers can use anytime, anywhere.

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