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School Programs

We are pioneering an Evolution in Global Cyber Safety Education.


Advised by youth, for youth, we channel the insightful voices of our Youth Advisors, aged 12 to 19, into every nook and cranny of our groundbreaking cyber safety learning and education, we’ve not merely involved them – we’ve empowered them to mold the narrative.

Our robust, year-round learning programs, are available in dynamic and engaging face to face sessions at your school and online. Integrity is at our core, operating as an impartial private entity, free from product vendor bias or sponsorship.

Up-to-the-minute resources spanning a wide array of cyber safety topics for your students, their parents, caregivers, your personnel, and the broader school community.

Safe On Social transcends conventional boundaries, adopting a holistic perspective towards cyber safety education. Our program isn’t merely a product; it's a catalyst for online safety dialogue and education, particularly when melded with our in-person sessions. Our evidence-backed approach promotes vibrant, ongoing dialogues about online safety throughout the year, supercharged with our continually updated tools and information.


The outcome? A palpable, proactive progression towards nurturing a safer online community within your educational spaces.

We now curate this dynamic amalgamation of online and in-person programs into specialized packages for schools in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Safe On Social's School Program ensures your team and students are enveloped in leading, continuous programs, crafted with the most relevant and influential cyber safety education as its backbone. 

All our education programs are tailored age specific for all year groups Primary and High School. The programs are developed using real-world experience and data from working face to face with students over the last 14+ years and the lived experience of our CEO and our Youth Voice Team.

Some of the topics we cover:

What you signed up for – we explain the terms and conditions of use and what they mean.
How to keep your personal information as private as possible and why this is important (and way bigger than you think).

AI Text and Image Generators - The positives and negatives, safety, privacy, ethics and security practices. 

Using devices and social media with mindfulness. 

Sexting, Sextortion, and image-based abuse what to do when things go wrong. 

Respectful online relationships and consent.

Cyberbullying, online hate and harassment, and abuse, how to report it, and how to manage the emotional impact.

Scams, Deepfakes, fake news, and misinformation.

Group Chats and strategies to manage them better.

Identity theft and Cyber Security basics.

Legal responsibilities and how to report without fear (country and state specific)

Online gaming opportunities and safety.

Managing negative online experiences.

How to create a favorable online profile.
And much more...New topics are added monthly or when required. We also deliver specialised programs you can see by clicking here



Online Programs


Accessed via an easy-to-use and navigate dashboard, the Safe On Social School Online Program features a vast array of  resources on the topics listed above.

Our online programs include: 


Practical and up-to-date teacher and student training modules are accessed via our online learning management system. 

Designed to educate students from ages 7-18yrs

Lessons plans and worksheets are included.

Audio, Video, and text-based resources.

Teacher training for ongoing professional learning 

Free access to quarterly masterclass webinars for all staff
24/7 support via email to our team of leading online safety experts.

Cheatsheet and resource library.


Lesson Packs 

Safe On Social Lesson Packs are designed to provide comprehensive year-round cyber safety education for your school.

What's Inside Each  Lesson Pack?

Video Training

Our short video training sessions are crafted to capture students' attention while delivering crucial cyber safety insights. These videos are a dynamic and informative resource to kickstart each lesson.

Lesson Plans

We understand that educators have busy schedules and we want to save your valuable time. That's why each Lesson Pack includes a lesson plan template that can be aligned to the curriculum of the state or country where your school is located, saving you valuable time in preparation

Supporting Learning Resources

To reinforce the lessons, we provide a range of invaluable resources. These include worksheets and engaging learning activities that encourage active participation and understanding.

Our packs cover a wide spectrum of cyber safety topics, ensuring that students receive ongoing education on online safety throughout the year. Our materials are trusted by educators worldwide and we recognise the importance of engaging students in the learning process on a continual basis. Our resources are designed to be accessible and enjoyable, fostering active participation and retention of critical information, year-round.

With our ready-to-use lesson plan templates and accompanying resources, teachers can effortlessly integrate cyber safety into their curriculum without added stress. Allowing you to empower your students with the knowledge and skills they need to navigate the digital world safely. 

As always our team of experts is on hand to help answer any questions you may have. If you need additional support with using these resources simply reach out to

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