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Navigating the World of AI Celebrity Alter-Egos on Social Media

Social media is evolving, and a new trend has emerged, capturing a lot of attention. Companies like Meta have created AI (Artificial Intelligence) alter-egos of celebrities, such as Kendall Jenner. These AI personalities interact, post content, and engage with fans on platforms like Instagram and Facebook, offering a mix of real and computer-generated content. This new trend has made it quite challenging to tell whether the content is coming from the actual celebrity or their digital twin.

In the race to develop a deeper relationship with users, These AI alter-egos, are designed to mimic the celebrities' looks, movements, and even their way of speaking. Meta has worked closely with celebrities to make these virtual personalities seem as real as possible. However, not everything posted by these AI accounts is computer-generated. Sometimes, the actual celebrities contribute to the content, which adds to the confusion.

Recognising AI-Generated Content

Meta has provided some tools to help users identify whether a post is from the AI or a real celebrity. For instance, AI-generated content will have a special sign and the hashtag #ImaginedWithAI. But it's not always clear, and there's still a lot of mystery around which posts are actual and which are AI-generated.

Tips for Navigating AI Content

Here are a few ways to make sense of this new trend and understand whether the content is real or AI-generated:

Look for Identifiers - Check if the post includes the hashtag #ImaginedWithAI or a special sign. This could mean it is created by the computer.

Examine the Content - Sometimes, content that looks too perfect or slightly unusual may be computer-generated. Trust your instincts.

Stay Updated - Try to keep up with news and updates from social media platforms. They often share information about new features and how to use them.

Ask Questions - If you're unsure about a post, it might help to look at comments or discussions online. Others may have insights or information that can help clarify things.

Educate Yourself - Learning more about AI and how it's used on social media can be very helpful. There are many online resources and articles that explain these concepts in simple terms. (Safe on Social has courses for businesses and schools available on Critical AI Literacy and the intersection of AI and Cyber Security/Safety? Privacy - hit reply to this email if you would like some information).

AI alter-egos are reshaping the way we interact with celebrities on social media. It's a blend of real and virtual, making the online world even more complex but also fascinating.

Understanding and adapting to this trend can help us become smarter and more thoughtful users of social media, ensuring that we can enjoy the exciting possibilities it brings without getting lost in the confusion.

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