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Missed our latest webinar? Don't worry! You now have the opportunity to access the recording and accompanying cheat sheets to empower yourself with vital knowledge. Safe on Social's CEO, Kirra Pendergast, led a crucial 30-minute session, diving into the complexities of Roblox—an online platform that's not just a game but a burgeoning universe of digital interaction captivating children globally. As Roblox's popularity soars, it's imperative to recognize its dual nature: a source of immense fun and creativity, yet shadowed by potential dangers. This enlightening webinar was designed especially for parents and guardians, aiming to arm them with the necessary insights and strategies for ensuring a safe online environment for their children. Discover the real-world implications of Roblox's virtual playground, learn to distinguish between harmless entertainment and genuine risks, and gain access to our unique approach that not only informs but guides you on effectively communicating these potential dangers to your children. With knowledge derived from direct conversations with thousands of young individuals, Safe on Social is committed to unveiling the truths behind Roblox, sharing critical trends, pitfalls, and protective measures every parent must know to navigate this metaverse safely.


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Secrets to Safeguarding Kids on Roblox

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