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Hello! I'm Kirra Pendergast, the CEO of Safe on Social. I'm delighted to introduce you to the first in our series of courses on the topic of AI in Education, titled "Demystifying AI Ethics with Snapchat's My AI." This course is specifically designed to provide a solid foundation in ethics for students interacting with Large Language Models (LLMs) like Snapchat's My AI, which is built on the ChatGPT model.


This Lesson Pack licensed for use through out your school is the perfect resource for educators and students who are interested in exploring the ethical implications of artificial intelligence. Through this lesson, students will learn about Ethics when using AI tools and gain a deeper understanding of the importance of responsible AI development and how it can be used to promote online trust and safety. 


AI chatbots, such as Snapchat's My AI, are significantly advanced from traditional chatbots. They generate unique responses, not pre-scripted ones, by analysing every word in a query and identifying patterns and associations from a vast database of internet text data. The distinguishing feature of these bots is their ability to learn and generate personalised, creative responses.

In this lesson, you and your students will learn how these AI chatbots function, their potential, and the associated risks. These risks include privacy concerns, potential biases, and ethical dilemmas related to automated decision-making. This course offers an excellent opportunity to delve into AI ethics. Through interaction with chatbots, students can learn firsthand how their data can be used and potentially misused, encouraging them to exercise caution in their online interactions.

Chatbots have been around for a while, and we interact with them when we ask Alexa a question or order from Uber Eats. Chatbots receive user input, process it, and generate a response. The long-standing goal has been to develop chatbots that are as human-like as possible. I recently had the unique experience of seeing myself as a Chatbot at London's AI and Quantum Computing Summit!

This lesson can be used from Grade 5 up, but please remember that students must be 13 years or older to use Snapchat, and parental permission should be sought before running this lesson if you intend for students to engage with the app directly. You can still effectively deliver this lesson/s without requiring students to use Snapchat, as long as you emphasise the app's age limit and you are not encouraging them to use it. This lesson may even make them want to switch off.

Discussions on potential biases in AI responses can lead to a broader conversation about societal biases and the importance of fairness in all aspects of life, including technology. When it comes to automated decision-making, such a topic can stimulate thoughts on the ethical limits of AI and the need for human oversight.

This lesson aims to demystify their complexities and implications, offering an engaging, interactive way to understand AI ethics. Are you ready to embark on this fascinating journey and lay a strong foundation in AI ethics? 

This lesson pack includes:

1 x Whole School license agreement

1 x Lesson Plan Template

2 x Activity sheets

1 x Powerpoint Slides

1 x Teacher Speaker Notes

8 x Corresponding Cheat Sheets

Let's get started!

Lesson Pack - "Demystifying AI Ethics with Snapchat's My AI".

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