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Rupert Standley

Specialist Facilitator Cyber Safety

With an international career in marketing spanning 17 years, Rupert has overseen the launches and marketing of products & services for some of the world’s largest global technology companies. This has equipped Rupert with first-hand knowledge of the evolution of technology and its impact on both individuals and society.


In recent years, as primary carer to two young boys, Rupert has become deeply involved in the local school community, from participation in executive hiring panels for senior staff appointments to being both a teacher and coordinator for the highly popular Primary Ethics program, allowing him to spend time in classrooms and develop his experience and rapport with students. Rupert has also been instrumental in installing a Cyber Safety sub-committee within the P&C.


Through his work with Safe on Social, Rupert can bring the culmination of his experiences from working with digital technology in a corporate environment with his classroom-based educator experience to inform both caregivers and children on these important topics positively and practically.

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