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Shaping tomorrow, today - AI Use in Education

Shaping tomorrow, today
AI Use in Education

We have a responsibility to future adults to construct a world where AI is used ethically and safely. Ensuring that students and staff possess the knowledge necessary for an AI-driven future cannot be a mere possibility. It must become a priority. This is not a matter of some distant future government decision. Students in years 3 and 4 have been sharing their experiences with AI tools like ChatGPT, Midjourney, and DALL-E with our team over the past month.


Despite recent endeavours to gather public opinions on potential AI risks and the call for regulatory measures, these efforts have been perceived as reactive responses to an ever-evolving landscape, rather than a well-calculated, proactive strategy.


Our young people need guidance from tech-forward educators now. 


AI technologies have permeated every facet of our daily lives, from Uber rides to predictive texting, and even innovative tools like ChatGPT. The breakneck speed of AI development, combined with the atmosphere of alarm perpetuated by major news outlets, has instilled fear and uncertainty among the public, especially parents. 


As we have witnessed with social media and smartphones, the widespread impact of AI may be detrimental if not managed in the present. Don't doesn't work, but education does. It is time for a proactive approach, where schools take the lead in establishing standards for safe and responsible AI practices, thereby creating a safer future for all. Significant risks include algorithmic bias, technical challenges, monopolistic control of datasets, and a lack of transparency. These risks have been subjects of intense debate in international forums for years.


We are responsible to these future adults to construct a world where AI is used ethically and safely.


Safe on Social is proud to introduce this specialised whole school training program. 


By participating in this online training session, your nominated team will receive not only a comprehensive professional learning presentation but also consulting time with Kirra Pendergast. This approach ensures that the training meets your unique needs, as she tailors a customised solution specifically for your school. Subsequently, you can distribute the accompanying resources to all staff members for use within your educational setting.


Here's what the 90-minute zoom session includes:


A 45-minute presentation by Kirra Pendergast on commonly used AI tools by students and staff in schools. We will delve into topics such as ethics, positive and negative applications, cyber safety, and risk mitigation. During the session, Kirra will provide an encompassing overview of AI, covering its fundamental concepts and latest advancements. You will learn about the tremendous benefits AI offers, as well as the challenges it presents, including its impact on popular social media platforms like Snapchat and TikTok, and its application in cutting-edge AI models such as DALL-E, ChatGPT, MidJourney and BARD. 


A 45-minute consultation session to discuss your unique needs.

Policy and guidelines templates for students and staff in .doc format, allowing you to effortlessly customise, add, or delete content to align with your school's identity. By establishing clear policies and or guidelines, both students and staff will gain a deeper understanding of their responsibilities and the significance of honesty and transparency when utilising AI tools in their work and school assignments.

A template letter email for parents, explaining the purpose and implementation of the policy and guidelines.

PowerPoint presentation template on the policy and guidelines, suitable for use in both student classes and staff meetings.


Lesson plans tailored for high school and primary school levels. Our practical and engaging lessons, interactive activities, and expert guidance will ensure that your entire school community comprehends the policies regarding responsible AI usage, data confidentiality, fact-checking, and quality control processes.

12 months subscription to Safe on Socials 150+ "cheat sheet" library that includes AI text and image generators, including popular platforms like Snapchat's My AI, ChatGPT, DALL-E, and more.


Join Kirra and unlock the immense potential of AI in a responsible and ethical manner. Safe on Social's specialised staff training program is here to empower your school community, ensuring a brighter and safer future for all. Don't wait for regulations to catch up—take the lead in  educating students for their tomorrow not our past.


This 90 minute session, is offered exclusively via Zoom with limited spaces available from 3:30pm weekdays Australian Eastern Standard Time.

Kirra is currently in Europe and the UK speaking on the topic. 


Together, let's embrace the power of AI while fostering responsible and safe practices that will benefit future generations.



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