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Safe on Social

Stephanie Rayner

Specialist Facilitator Cyber Safety

Stephanie is a mother of four boys with over 15 years experience working as a primary school teacher. In addition to her role at Safe on Social she is a Nature Connection Mentor at Educated by Nature, providing opportunities for educators and children to develop resilience and connection to self, nature, and community.


Throughout her career Stephanie has witnessed first-hand the challenges students, educators and parents are facing in the rapidly evolving world of technology and is passionate about equipping people to navigate online environments safely and responsibly. She understands the intricate balance between technology and well-being and is committed to empowering the next generation to foster healthy relationships with social media.


Stephanie loves being outdoors with her family and takes pleasure in the simple joys of life. She can often be found working in her garden, baking sourdough, taking photos, or playing her ukulele.

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