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Teacher Professional Learning Programs

Empower your educators with the most up to date Professional Learning 


We empower, equip, and inspire with Safe on Social Teacher Professional Learning Programs!


Navigate the intricacies of the online world confidently with our interactive, empowering, and inclusive educator programs. Tailored to your location and learning preference (face-to-face, zoom, downloadable lesson packs or self-paced online learning), we bring flexibility to your professional journey with 60-minute to 4-hour sessions, available online or onsite.  Focused on promoting respectful digital interactions and resilience, we illuminate paths to understanding social media psychology, GenAI literacy and ethics, and cybersecurity while championing a positive, secure online world through informed teaching.  


Our comprehensive course explores:


  • The psychological impacts of social media on mental wellbeing.

  • Safe use of AI text and image generators, emphasising critical AI literacy and ethics.

  • Cybersecurity and personal privacy and security online. 

  • Best practises for Teachers and schools using social media 

  • The vital role of social media policies and guidelines.

  • Effective strategies to engage and support the whole school community.

  • The ethics of online interactions.

  • The rights and responsibilities of educators and students online.

  • Effective group chat management.

  • The importance of respectful online relationships, with a focus on combating teen sexting and image-based abuse.

  • Strategies for preventing, managing, and supporting victims of cyberbullying and online harassment.

  • Best practices for schools and teachers utilising social media.

  • The influence of online activism in today's interconnected world.

  • Promoting safe, responsible technology use and respectful online behaviour.

  • The intersection of vaping and social media.

  • Understanding and addressing the current technological trends impacting young people.

  • Misinformation and fake news 

  • Building resilience, encouraging critical thinking, and instilling help-seeking skills.

  • Safe engagement with online gaming and eSports.

  • Mitigating the impact of fight videos in schools.

  • Understanding and facilitating digital rights and responsibilities.

  • Identifying resources to aid online safety education and keeping pace with the latest trends and research in online safety.

  • Creating and facilitating learning opportunities that help young people understand their online rights and responsibilities.


We understand that everyone has different learning preferences, and offer flexibility in our delivery formats, including 60-minute online or onsite sessions, and in-depth 4-hour onsite programs. For those seeking personalized learning, we also offer one-on-one sessions tailored to your unique needs within the core subject areas.


At Safe on Social, we believe in the transformative power of informed teaching and are dedicated to equipping our educators with the tools necessary to create a safer online world.


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