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Education, Training and Consulting 

Safe on Social

Face To Face Presentations

 Your Safety, Our Mission.

Lean on our expert team for  forward-thinking online safety and social media education.

With an unmatched track record in delivering engaging and relevant  cyber safety presentations to schools, businesses, government agencies and sports clubs, worldwide, we ensure you're not just informed, but also kept up to date.

Trust in our rich experience to navigate, understand, and safeguard. 

Online Learning & Lesson Packs 

Our bespoke, expert-driven resources ensure that you remain at the forefront of cyber safety knowledge, empowering you and your students or staff with contemporary, practical strategies to safeguard digital interactions in an ever-evolving online world.

Immerse yourself in a comprehensive, year-round online learning journey or  meticulously crafted lesson packs for easy use by those who lead and teach in classrooms and workplaces.

Consulting Services

Whether you are a school, a tech start-up or an international consulting firm, we advise your organisation or work with you to help your clients mitigate cyber threats derived through social media.  We keep you informed about the latest social media risks.

Online reputation management,  updating social media safe use, mobile device and AI use policy, through to our  industry eRisk Reviews or aligning your organisations social media use with industry regulations. We are here to help. 

Safe on Social

Schools & Teachers

Safe on Social

Parents & Carers

Our Programs

Safe on Social

Latest Events

Safe on Social delivers comprehensive events, webinars and masterclasses designed to empower and educate our community on the most current and most-talked about cyber safety topics.


What People Are Saying

"We’ve recently had Safe on Social work across our system with school leaders who specialise in Child Protection. Their comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the field has been of huge benefit to growing the capability of our staff to help better tailor the supports we’re providing to students and families in our schools to manage social media.


Safe on Social presentations were interactive and engaging and the flexibility of delivery has enabled us to deliver high quality professional learning across our whole organisation. Many thanks!"

Lachlan Ellis

Child Protection Manager CEOM Catholic Education, Archdiocese of Canberra & Goulburn

Safe On Social's practical advice resonated strongly with our people, who were eager to know how to better understand the emerging risks and challenges of keeping themselves and their loved ones safe online.


Safe On Social's straight-talking approach, practical examples and advice, plus their willingness to address sensitive issues kept the audience fully engaged.


We received wonderful feedback about the presentation from our team, which in turn has sparked further conversations on how we can improve cyber safety at home and at work.

Andrew Cresp

Chief Information Officer

Bendigo Bank

Dannielle Miller

Parenting author, media commentator and CEO - Enlighten Education

Unlike some of the talking heads who tend to dominate the conversation around young people and the online world, Kirra works tirelessly at the coal face - she doesn't just talk about kids, or at them, she works WITH them.


In fact, she talks to tens of thousands of teens every year across Australia (and, might I add, she makes a point of also visiting the smaller rural towns who usually can't access quality presentations).She's my go-to cyber advisor. I just love sharing the work of those who truly champion our kids.

Kirra Pendergast
Kirra Pendergast
Safe on Social
Kirra Pendergast
Kirra Pendergast
Safe on Social
Safe on Social
Kirra Pendergast

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