Making social media safer for people through education.

Our team are highly qualified and professional people who are informative, engaging, and practical. We present without fear-mongering and without drowning our audience in statistics. 

We educate about what you need to know now. 

Our team are subject matter experts. We leverage years of cybersecurity and risk management consulting, policing, teaching, social media management, psychology and legal experience into practical learning that audiences at our presentations and workshops will use in everyday life.

Our service fulfils a school's duty of care to all stakeholders, including students, parents, and staff, as well as addressing duty of care, legal and policy compliance requirements. 

We offer the most comprehensive cyber safety consulting services for the education sector across Australia, New Zealand the United States and United Kingdom. 

Why Strangers Are Asking Kids For Photos Of Their Feet?

Our CEO Kirra Pendergast joins Mia Freedman on "No Filter" to discuss her own experience with cyberbullying, which led her to start a business that now helps thousands of people each week, to stay safe on social media.

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Safe on Social Media
Safe on Social Media

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