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Safe on Social Media Training and Education
SoS Training and Education
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A year-round comprehensive online learning program

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The most trusted, and in-demand Cybersafety and Cyberbullying education, training, and consulting company. 

We deliver programs that are authentic, factual, conversational, and without fearmongering. We share stories like you have never heard, talk about the most taboo subjects with knowledge and conviction. We'll make you laugh and bind groups together. We are not vacuous or patronising. We're warm, understanding, and honest. We share our lived experiences. 


We’re a purpose-driven organisation, aiming to keep as many people across the world safe online through education and empowerment.


We deliver our programs to:

  • Teachers, students, parents, and school communities.

  • Sporting and recreational organisations, committees, boards, coaches, wellbeing staff, managers, and players agents.

  • Government, health, social workers and foster carers.

  • Companies of all sizes.

  • Small businesses.

Safe on Social have offices that cover face-to-face presentations in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and The United States. 

Online Learning Program

Safe on Social Media Training and Education

Online Learning Program

A year-round, comprehensive online learning program providing you with the most
up-to-date, leading resources available across topics of cyber safety.

Our Services



Workplace harassment is a compliance-based area of training for all companies. That’s why it’s important for your business to receive ongoing training and analysis to ensure that you are fully compliant at a staff, management and institutional level.

Sporting Organisations

Sporting Organisations

Sporting Clubs carry a big responsibility when it comes to providing a safe environment for a child’s wellbeing. The many moving parts of your Club need to work hard to ensure that all boxes are checked, and this includes the promotion of online safety. Boost the health and wellbeing of your staff and players, creating a ripple-effect into your community.

Schools and Teachers

Schools and Teachers

Offering a variety of age-appropriate presentations for students K-12 as well as Professional Development for teachers, we make online safety education easy to understand, teach and implement. Encourage the continuation of conversations at home with access to Parent and Carer workshops. 



With technology changing so fast and new Apps and games regularly becoming available, it’s important that you feel educated, empowered and informed when it comes to online safety for your children. We have a variety of resources available to you covering all of the necessary topics along with one-on-one support and guidance.

What People Are Saying

Safe on Social was dynamic, engaging and inspiring, delivering messages that resonated with all in our school community. The greatest strength is in the conversations that followed. The staff room was abuzz from the very next morning, even our Social Media sceptics were converts!


I highly recommend Safe on Social to present to your students, staff and parents.


It will transform your community.

Aaron Chaplin

Principal Edney Primary School High Wycombe, Western Australia

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