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Preparing Students for their future, not our past.....

The Russell Group of Universities in 2023 world rankings had four of the top ten universities in the world. Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College, London, and University College London. You can see the rest of their impressive list here.

They have released a document about how the universities will use GenAI. Some of the key parts f the document are.

"Our universities are committed to the ethical and responsible use of generative AI and to preparing our staff and students to be leaders in an increasingly AI-enabled world. The rise of generative artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential for a profound impact on the ways in which we teach, learn, assess, and access education.

Our universities wish to ensure that generative AI tools can be used for the benefit of students and staff – enhancing teaching practices and student learning experiences, ensuring students develop skills for the future within an ethical framework, and enabling educators to benefit from efficiencies to develop innovative methods of teaching.

Russell Group universities have collectively developed the following principles that will guide the approach to generative AI tools across our universities and, we hope, beyond:

1. Universities will support students and staff to become AI-literate.

2. Staff should be equipped to support students to use generative AI tools effectively and appropriately in their learning experience.

3. Universities will adapt teaching and assessment to incorporate the ethical use of generative AI and support equal access.

4. Universities will ensure academic rigour and integrity is upheld.

5. Universities will work collaboratively to share best practice as the technology and its application in education evolves.

We are working with a number of tech-forward schools that have decided not to wait for policy, and to implement guidelines right now.

We have developed a program called Shaping Tomorrow Today for this reason. The program is 90mins + resources and templates for usage in schools and businesses - we need to educate for the future not our past. And we need to do it now.

You can find out more here:

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